Draw with Adonit Pixel and iPad Air2
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14. February 2018
Day 6: First little idea for a comic
1. March 2018

Draw with Adonit Pixel and iPad Air2

Hi guys,

today i got my adonit pixel. I’m not sure that this works with my air pad 2. So many people talk about that not correctly works with older ipads.

 Click on the image. 

That’s true and not. I found a solution for the problem, that the adonit don’t draw in some areas or some times.

In my case are the power cord was the solution. When i charged my ipad air 2 the drawing was so terrible – some times on and off. After i removed the power cord all works fine and i’m so happy with that pencil.

You can draw very well and it’s a cool tool with so many supported apps.

My Tipp: Dont’ worry, try it without power cord.

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