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Some pictures XMas

Every xmas we baked cookies

So much water…

This is delicious

This made me definitely not smaller then before. 🤦‍♂️


Kayak- Stienitzsee Ruedersdorf 2017/07/16

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Prieros 2017/07/09 air kayak

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Kayak – Neu Zittau Mönchwinkel Alte Müggelspree 2017/6/18

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Workflow iOS Movie DB to Day One 2

Update 2018/3/10

  • Version 1.3 – public
  • – fix some error with non existing counts on imdb.
  • + start optionally workflow new , when nothing found
  • :: Please download again.**

Hi, i polished up a workflow found on reddit here .

I put a little bit more stuff in it and fix some problems.

  • Use your own api key . Can you get for free to register here and go then to settings – api-key. Use the v3 api-key.
  • put Movies in your day one journal what you want
  • better formatting
  • fix problem with get poster image
  • add some stuff like user rating from DB
  • add tags from movie DB to your Day one tags
  • a choice where you watch the movie (is a list, you have to change it)
  • your rating with emojis
  • add tagline, budget, average rating, release date, homepage and some other cool stuff

:: DownloadWorkflow Movie 2 DayOne TomTom24.De
:: Download Workflow Kino Movie Ort Tom



Some still place in Rom

Evening, no people, I like the place very well.

Rush hour Vatikan

I guess rush hour is every day in this floor. 😏