Workflow iOS Movie DB to Day One 2

Update 2018/3/10 Version 1.3 – public – fix some error with non existing counts on imdb. + start optionally workflow new , when nothing found :: Please download again.** — Hi, i polished up a workflow found on reddit here . I put a little bit more stuff in it and fix some problems. Use your […]

Workflow to start Workflows

For alle users with a big amount of workflows: How could you start a workflow without scrolling? The attached workflow list alle workflow with a search or predefined word in the name. The fist item start the searchfield. All other fields are only predefined search words to start a few workflows without a fingertip. You […]

After 7 weeks self thought draw

After 7 weeks … here I’m. The last 7 weeks i spent every day 1 hour to draw. That was a very strange experience. Some times are i’m totally fine with my drawing, but the result may be strange…. Some times I play around and I like the results. Some times the guy’s around me […]

After 3 weeks…

Hi folks, back from a little bit illness. I changed to my iPad Pro and a Apple Pencil . That was a huge step forward. Now is more feeling like a pencil. I have to learn more about details and strokes. The right “swing” left some times, but the level goes up and that what i […]

Start with books and tools

Hi folks,   i’m not really familiar with drawing. When i was in school, i hated so much you can’t believe it. It’s very difficult, because i have not practiced. Now i have little bit more time and interest to tell a story with pictures. Sure i can use CGI or other stuff, but i […]

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